Below are a few pieces from the 2016 and 2017 editions, showcasing some examples of work that has been accepted in the past. To purchase a copy of the 2016 or 2017 edition, send an email to



Anu B

Shattered Rain



Jamie Sandoval

Snow Caps


Nicole Avila
No to Temporary

Do yourself a favor and
don’t fall in love with
people. They’re a blip
on the radar. A temporary
escape. Instead fall in
love with the way red owns
the sky at dawn and how
just those few first rays
of warmth can awaken a
legion of flowers. Connect
with the beauty of the night
and her children — the stars,
how they speak of longing.
Say no to people and yes
to the world for it will
embrace you long after
human arms can’t reach you.


Catherine Kendall
Farewell to Blue Eyes


To a face I’ll never see,
To a hand I’ll never hold, I say goodbye.
It shouldn’t be so hard
To give up someone who never was.

My arms shouldn’t feel so empty
When my life is so full,
I shouldn’t feel so fragile
When sturdy walls surround me.

Shouldn’t feel so alone
With all the love I know,
Shouldn’t feel I’m drowning
In my own sadness.

Regrets piled like stones in my path,
Now they are crushing me,
Too many choices badly made
And this, not even mine.

I place you on the altar of my love
Slowly turn and walk away.
You were only possibility
But your blue eyes haunt my dreams.


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